Kindergarten and primary school projects


Even though they carry little concern, children remain a pillar and a future of every nation.


Our school projects are aimed at supporting children’s dreams through education and building a strong future generation and workforce. These are therefore our core projects.

Clinic project


Everybody deserves a healthy living, but most of the people in developing countries have limited access to healthcare.


Our clinic project is aimed at providing holistic healthcare services to the community. This will be done through medical consultation, diagnosis and management of diseases as well as conducting health education in a bid to foster health prevention and promotion. 


Music school project

The music school is intended to foster talents and promote active learning. Alongside formal education, the art of music is aimed at nurturing the gift of music in the community. Under this project, children will be taught to play musical instruments such as pianos, guitars, drums among others.

Orphanage and rehabilitation project

Our orphanage and rehabilitation project is aimed at supporting vulnerable children, especially psychologically traumatized victims of war (the Northern Uganda insurgency) and children who lost their parents. This project also focuses on restoring hope in children whose families have lost hope for the future.



Our goal is to foster commitment to children and the community, promote and improve education, self-discipline, skills and career development, and reassertion of a strong sense of hope for the future. HIRU is therefore, a beam of light giving hope to children by supporting them through their journey to becoming successful and productive characters; building a nation starts with the children.


You can make the world a better place by supporting any of these projects.