Our Story

"I grew up in Boroboro village (Lira District - North Uganda) where I attended kindergarten and thereafter, primary school. I liked my childhood moments. After primary school, I went to high school and then to the medical school. I then started a career as a Clinician. Because my workplace was in Kampala City, a capital far away from my home town, I visited my parents at home only twice or thrice a year. Every time I went back home (to Boroboro), I saw the difference between the people there and those at my workplace. In the city, I saw most children going to school; life was alright for them, because they had food, clothing and were able to attain their education. But back home, I met these children in my village who hardly had what to put on, and what to eat. Because their parents couldn’t afford paying their school fees, they were not attending any school; so helpless.


When I went back to my workplace, I felt a burden in my heart and thought about what I should do to change the situation. Whenever this question rose in my mind, I always said to myself “Timothy, you can do nothing about it”. Sometimes people suffer because we simply fail to think and act to save situations. But even though I tried to ignore it, the question still kept haunting me. Every time I went home and watched these children, I got convicted.


I then went to my mum and said to her “you love children so much and you are the big reason why we are good children, because you taught us in Sunday school how to love, and through that I got this big heart for children too. You have a gift of taking care of children, and I see the whole struggle of having access to education; one day we are going to have a Kindergarten here” She was really excited and happy about my vision. For a long time, we didn’t speak about it, actually I had nearly forgotten about it. But one day it came to my mind and started haunting me again. Every time I came back to Boroboro and saw the children, I felt like they were telling me that I promised them a Kindergarten; I became heavy at heart. The vision started to rise in my head and heart, and together with my parents, we started praying for it. Through faith and prayer, things started to roll – to workout. "


-  Timothy Isaac Ochola -