Board of Directors




I am Ochola Isaac Timothy, a Medical Clinical Officer working with Jehovah Rapha Clinics - Uganda. I have served as a clinician since 2012. During my clinical practice as an in-charge clinician, I have often times organized my clinical team for door-to-door community outreaches, where we visited poor families, assessed their individual needs, and figured out possible solutions that would help them. It has always been a tiresome job, but worth the sacrifice. Through this, our team was able to bring about positive health-seeking behaviors to individuals in the community. Most community members were also so happy with our seasons’ gift packages which included Christmas, Easter and holiday packages. This may sound big but it actually wasn’t. The gift packages where nothing but basic requirements like soap, sugar, salt, match boxes, clothes among others. The great joy these little ordinary things brought in to the lives of those who received them however was what made me realize the power of little things. Our little efforts have the potential to change lives. The clinical experience with the rural poor in the communities I serve and interact with, with their alarming basic, health and educational needs created in my heart a deep desire to help the children, a reason for which I hold the vision “Hope Is Risen Uganda”. Besides, my mum, Mrs. Rachel Ochola, a long time serving Sunday school teacher has deeply moved me with her exceptional love for children, which affection has seemed contagious.


Because it has awakened my heart, I have been thinking of how best I can be a servant since then. I am now writing a motivational book entitled OVERCOMING NEGATIVITY, which I intend to use to positively influence the lives of many. Together with this vision "Hope Is Risen Uganda", I hope we can all work together as a team and help children in this region attain education. And because I am gifted in song writing, I also hope to use my music talent in building this project.




My name is Atwoki Kagenda Gabriel and I am the younger brother to Ochola Isaac Timothy. I am a teacher a town school in Lira with the main subjects biology and chemistry.

In addition to that I am spending my weekends at the University in Gulu, and I am soon completing the first semester of my masters course there.

Apart from my work and my studies, which are very intense but also a blessing, I like spending time with my family and friends and I also love music a lot.

I play piano, guitar and also violin. Sometimes we get together as friends and brothers and organise family concerts where we share the joy of singing and playing worship together.







I am Jacqueline Trudy Ochola, and I am a registered Nurse by profession. I like to extend God’s healing hands to His children by looking after their health. I am a Sunday School Teacher.

In Hope Is Risen Uganda, I serve as the Project Finance Director.

I am so pleased with how positively the Organization is transforming our community.




My name is Esther Lucy Ochola. In Hope Is Risen Uganda, I hold the position of Minute Secretary. I am a teacher by profession. I hold a Bachelor of Arts double main and my passion is to work together in improving the education standard in communities. I take education as a way to develop our nation. I am so grateful and excited about what God will do through Hope Is Risen Uganda.




At a glance on a child’s face, when I see a smile, my happiness unleashes. I am a Para-social worker who focuses on children’s welfare at sub-county level. I am Mrs. Rachel Ochola, wife to Reverend Richard Milton Ochola. I currently hold the position of Accountant in Hope Is Risen Uganda. I have a long time experience in working with children. I like teaching children in Sunday school, and making them the best they can be in pursuing God’s kingdom. While with children, I teach them to believe that even on a day when there seems to be no hope, there is a real good FATHER who cares for us, His children. 




The answer to man’s question is in knowing Christ Jesus. I am a Professional Tutor, a Retired Principal Tutor and a Reverend. I have had much of my life teaching the word of God and tutoring in schools and colleges in my country Uganda. I am currently the Human Resource Officer – Hope Is Risen Uganda. My passion is working with people, with a focus of holding onto Christ Jesus. I love teaching the word of God in stories, which makes it more interesting in children ministry.